Its nothing but a reminder

Reminder of your capabilities..the capabilities which made wonders..

It’s a reminder of how wonderful your life have been ( even if you don’t remember any )


Once a great king of north india needed to send a soldier across the ocean for some strategic purpose .

There future military actions were dependent on this crucial task only .

But they didn’t have any one to perform the action . hence a senior from the army persuaded a young soldier for the work , he reminded him; his capabilities, he told soldier about his childhood, as how he used to do wonders in past.

That young soldier first didn’t believe his version -then denied the story – he resisted –at last he believed and then gave a try- and finally done this.

This seems so unbelievable … isn’t it ! but let me unfold …

and this interesting  incident is borrowed from HOLY RAMAYANA.

That young soldier was non other than  HANUMAN and his motivator was JAMUWANT..

And  still if you don’t believe… let me tell the fact ! This is a story in which more than hundred crore of Indians believe.

Today I choose to tell this story only because I want to remind about your capabilities.

Didn’t your dreams were even more dreamy when you were a kid, and yet seemed achievable.

and today very simple and practical things have become hard to achieve…. Why?

I fear that you have lost  memories about your childhood achievements.

Get up my friend you are super hero…… you are HANU-MAN!

And we at HinglishLy will be more than happy to be your JAMUWANT.

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