Islands always facinated me since my teenage ,  in the same way angles of fairy tales used to me in my childhood.

after knowing the fact that everyone get a chance to meet angles some day ( on death), i think the later is an appointment the better it will be.

so my priorities are clear…. first to go some islands and let the angles wait!

from last four years i have been planning to go to andamans (remember kaho na pyaar hai ?) .

every year i decide dates and apply for leaves but have to cancel my plans on the pretext of some excesessively important and highly significant  task which is so sensitive that it is beyond the measures ! hah !( thats how they impose )

this time was no different .

So I planned again  (as I planned every year) to go that place for sure , but result was the same.

You never knew importance of your work until you ask for leave , all the year you made feel that you are the least useful component of office and in hierarchy of importance you are next to office chairs, but wait ! the moment you ask for 1 week leave you are made feel that the earth will freeze to its axis and sun will not rise tomorrow if you will not come. now you have to decide between the existence of mankind and your tour !

as any kind hearted man  i again sacrificed my plans as i dint got that art of bargaining.

that night i felt very low and was awake till 1 am when that funny thought suddenly struck my mind,

Hattrick is already completed so no point in defending records.”

i subconsciously booked my air tickets and consciously choose nonrefundable s  i felt strange , first time i paid  from my credit card and just after a few minutes  i googled about tour operators and made payment against a ready-made eternity to an unknown operator… i felt thrilled ! , i have already invested about 1 lac from my ‘ minutes before virgin credit card’. the uncertainty and fortunes involved thrilled me.  as these were not enough, next morning from a sacred place called bathroom, i ordered my DSLR .

i printed my tickets from office itself and explained them how much i loose if i wont go !

and politely asked what should i do ?

One can say  that was a bad decision as I paid extra for last minute arrangements and decided to go on my own otherwise a big part of this expense would be been reimbursed from office.

But I know from my core of my soul that this was one of  the best decisions of life even though there are still some debit balance against my credit card as on date .

I learned that sometimes you should go by your heart.  let the heart decide what to do  and then ask your mind how to do this?

I learned that we should not over calculate, we ruin magic of our lives by this.

I learned that at some point of our life we should refuse to accept things as they used to be, and expect how they should be..

why i am telling you all this  ?( this post)

because this is the reason of why i am telling you these all (writing this blog)

That seven day tour is the reason of my reincarnation.

Its kind of second life.

i can say i returned as a different man . i started making decisions . 

i started dreaming again

i found myself. after years i started writing again ! 

and yes ! earth is still moving  and sun still rises .

the only difference is that the sun has gone even brighter for me !



dear friends i have lots more to tell you..

stay tuned .. stay motivated !






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