according to wikipedia “new year resolution” is not some new born baby  , its a tradition running from babylonions then romans  to medieval era and like a river, its flowing from the times when the calendar invented to the this new one on the wall . it has been a part of civilization. so if you made any resolution on 1st january  (like me ), feel proud as you had followed some thousand years old custom.

lets start with good news- according to a study about 46 % people who made common resolutions at new year were likely to succeed over ten times from the people who decide to make changes at any other time of year. ( source – wikipedia). well this is a truth which is overshadowed by another study in 2007 , which says that about 88% of new year resolutions fails. that very study blames various underlying reasons ; some of them are unclear goals , too many resolutions , and poor memory .

so if you failed to keep the promises , don’t feel alone , you were not the first and certainly not the last . actually most of the people are on the same table. the failures of new year resolutions are this common that we suspect the existence of those 12 % people who succeed .

i generally do not like telling bookish facts , because they are already available in more detailed form on various responsible sources. i like telling stories , the fictional stories . the stories which has the power to change to course of life.

cause facts are the things which already happened , world is overcrowded with failures , and this fact is infact not an encouraging one.

stories are what we wish to do, stories are what we dreams. when we have the courage to live this story , our story becomes an example, a hypothesis becomes fact.

i made resolution to tell more stories this year. so lets start this year   hypothetically.

you have a girl friend , the one you trust , you love and blindly rely upon . and one unfortunate day you come to know that she has been cheating on you. what will you do ?

lets be more hypothetical – you love her this much that you forgive her and gave your love another chance.

and then she betrayed again .

lets be extremely hypothetical- you have no other option but to accept her version you still love her but do not believe her any more.

now imagine your life with her – you are bound to live with her- love her- believe her .

quite depressing and helpless isn’t it . and even then if you are looking happy , its a good performance , you are not going to get any award for.

its a remote possibility that you will ever believe her.

despite all the hypothesis this example is too close to our new year resolution . we  promise ourselves to quit smoking , lose weight, love more , follow our dreams……

and then we break them , like this year , like last year , like last to last year.

its not the promise we made to someone else, no body has forced us to do that. its a commitment we made to ourselves , at our free will, you dont need to justify your deeds to someone ( and thats the problem).

but in deep within you , you know that you are not reliable. you image yourself as an weak individual. attempts you will make in future will remain some half hearted shots. it will be ritual you will be performing without any firm belief. it will be like you dont believe in god but pray because you dont wants to be looked odd.

so what we can do now if we already have lost faith in ourselves?

give ourselves a chance ! once again . although we dont have any other option available , but even if  it did , this one remains the best.

 love yourself , have faith in yourself blindly….believe yourself for no reason

like you did when you dint know how to speak and after a thousands attempts you spoke , like when you were crawling and stood on your feet after falling a countless times.

DREAM ! because , you may leave them but they never going to leave you , even if they seemed lost for years they will meet you on  your death bed .

and for your sake just complete one resolution this year , you may breakup with your cheating partner, but you cant breakup with your self .



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