In my childhood, I used to watch a cartoon series ( the jungle book), its main character Mogli used to have an unique weapon ( Boomrang- SHIKANJA what they named it in its dubbed version ). that wooden thing facinated me everytime  when  it came back after hitting the target

Life is also a kind of BOOMRANG, THROW things in a way (and which) you want to get  RETURNED….

I was engrossed in my job from last six years , 10- 12 hours a day ; like most of the folks in a country of 125 crore people does for their livelihood… nothing special.

Pasting smilies on their faces doing things mechanically in a constant fear that if you don’t do that there is a long row outside your office (  could have reached mars if wasn’t  arranged horizontally )  who are better machines than you and have bigger smilies hanging by their necks.

The intervals earned from this herculean task what we call a holiday, were invested in even more productive and innovative business..

Sleeping for long hours.. eat.. breath.. and then sleeping for long hours again.

In between I used to give advice to folks around me about how they should choose their carrier, life etc..etc  ( strange ! I have a clear idea about everyone except myself )

But seriously speaking these advices were the finest available things in my bag, based on my past experiences my victory, my losses , what I have done , what I wish I could have done. It gave me immense pleasure and deep satisfaction to make those young pair of eyes a sparkle.

To spark fuel that they already have….their DREAMS.

A couple of year back I advised a young lad who has asked for some ( would have given him either , its my part time business) when he was parting for his engineering college..

‘’Don’t follow books only, follow your dreams ,never lose hope, some extracurricular activities , you may be coding in only a couple of languages all your life, so don’t be ashamed if you couldn’t master all…bla bla bla’’

After some time he started a youTube channel ( got blocked on some stupid reasons I never know if existed)..

He didn’t lose hope and started a blog ( kind of gem !  please visit aleurerblog.com)

Then he insisted me to write one of mine.. I wasn’t sure if I will ever able to manage one (technical hitches , what to write , why to… nah that was my dream , wounded but still alive)

I asked him back for help if he can,in some way !

“All the way “ he said . (POSITIVITY RETURNS remember that boomrang theory)

That’s how hinglishly.com took birth ( after a long session of labor pain)

So I will take this opportunity to thank Ashutosh for reminding me my dream and  helping me in clearing those technical flaws .

Thank you very much..keep helping others

It returns….


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