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7 years back when  I parted from this engineering college I had nothing but  a worthless degree and a worthy dream , a dream to set up my own business, to be my own boss , to conquer this world … I turned down offers of lucrative jobs , cause I hate them… I hate their motives.. those MNC’s were actually manifestation of dream of an  individual; that individual I even don’t know , I don’t share my dream with him  , they pay their slaves to fulfill theirs  . why should I report them … when I had mine.

So after a long journey of 7 years , failure of 3 business plans and bank debt over 3 million I am back to the same college , for this college reunion .. back to the same place where I started.

Earth must be round… hence proved.

I felt uneasy with my wife , left as a college topper who choose to be an entrepreneur , who married the most beautiful girl of his batch and departed as a hero with a trophy in hand.

And now she is CEO of a company ( the company i never heard of before they hired her). With an unsuccessful man.

That placement hall has now tuned in to conference hall where everybody is telling their success stories.. singing their stories I say . ( I would have broken in to tears if I haven’t known reality of some of the  speakers)

When my wife took the floor I got time to ogle beauties of my batch.

She is a diva! ( someone next to me whispered)

Yaah ! still pretty as ever..(looking towards that particular girl from CS )

And voice my god …( again he whispered)

Shit !  is he was talking about my wife?

Excuse me!

That saffron clad man with a shaved head looked at me .

He was prashant my competitor in this baba kind of look( better say  SANSKARI MOGAMBO  )  I would have never recognized him if he haven’t shown his   signature meanness ( copyright for ever ).

After a 5 min interview I came to know that he has became a yoga teacher and earns 10000/- a month.

I felt relaxed. All here are on packages of 7 digits and above.

But ….He confused me , when he said that he came India after 5 years….

And upsets me when he said he lives in US ……

And almost  killed me when he said those 10000 were actually dollars / month

Is PATANJALI operating there too ! ( he was a shit and 10000 $ my god !  )

Don’t you feel you are overpaid ?

I felt ashamed! With  wallpaper of   steve jobes in my Chinese mobile set  , I was like a teenager having photo of some bollywood acctress in his notebook. Wishing nobody has seen them.

I confessed him my failure.. and told all.

After a long pause he said..i am still unmarried..cause of you..

You know why..

With this serious face , one could have easily predicted that he gonna saying some sensible things; but I knew he was going to spill the most stinking garbage again and gonna things turn to  past. About how he tried over shraddha and  she married me.



You were not handsome , not even half intelligent as me.. you were stubborn

You were stubborn to work hard all those vacations .. you were stubborn to do things your way..

I proposed her…

But you proposed her 8 times , one  for every semester.

You were genius in your stubbornness..

Don’t lose now !  you have PROPOSED your DREAMS only a few times…. go propose them… again…and again…with different styles …with new zeal.. with same passion , till they impressed with your consistency, till they believe  that you never gonna leave’em  in halfway,…. until you bring them  home!

Don’t doubt yourself you have done this in past,

I felt bad for him …I was about to melt , when suddenly it appeared…his SMILE ..that devious smile and he turned DEVIL again!

I didn’t know HOW this shakti kapoor turned in to alok nath, just for a few seconds.. but I was hypnotized .

I felt like hugging my forever enemy at least for once.

I asked him why he is telling me all this selflessly as he was ISO certified high quality selfish of all the time.

“For two reasons…1) I can’t accept that I lost against an inferior opponent

2) and most importantly… its part of my profession….didn’t u feel … I m not overpaid.”


After a long breath…. I winked him , left the hall to make calls for my next start up..



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